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Joanna & Alonzo

Zach and Kitzman Creations was AMAZING!!!

Zach and Kitzman Creations was AMAZING!!! The best thing we spent our wedding budget on hands down. I love the videos more than I do my wedding photos as we have movement you can't see in still photos and you can feel and remember the day, the excitement, the love and the feels. When I first met Zach I was sold right there on his confidence that came across as different than many other wedding professionals who know they are in the top of their craft, he was still humble and easy to talk to. I hired him without even consulting my then fiancé and I was right. My then fiancé said he really liked Zach and I did a great job finding him. I got the highest package offered and it included an engagement video. We had to wait due to the shutdown to do engagement video, as even parks were closed, but when things finally opened back up, Zach was quick to get us a day that would work for us and the weather. My then fiancé wasn't to excited to do the video and I had no idea what to tell him it would be like as I had never seen let alone heard of an engagement video. By the end of the shoot, we both were excited to see the end result and my then fiancé even said he had fun doing it! That how good Zach is! Once we got the video back, I couldn't have been more excited for the wedding despite all the stress of planning it summer of 2020. We planned to have it playing during the wedding reception, but I hadn't fully planned who would run it even though the venue had all the equipment there (screen, audio/video system). As it was still my responsibility to handle the video to the venue manager and make sure it worked. Zach took care of it, in fact he came up to me and asked if we planned to run it. Everyone at the wedding told us it was the so unique and beautiful and had never seen anything like it before at a wedding. 10/10 again for Zach! The wedding highlight video. I can't put into words what that video means to me. It's beyond description. I can watch a snapshot of our day in less than 7 mins and yet I can see and feel everything from that day. Zach and his team were highly professional, worked great with all my vendors, and were our favorite vendor there due to feeling like they were are part our our wedding party by stepping in when needed and stepping back and invisible when needed. In fact I wish I would have hired Kitzman Creations for our photography as well as our photographer because they were that good day of. Don't make the mistake of not having a wedding videographer. We film everything on our phones including dumb tick toc videos (sorry tic toc users!) , but hesitate or worse don't think to have our most special day filmed and preserved forever. You need to hire Kitzman creations as it will be the best thing you spend your wedding budget on.

Katherine & Tyler

Our videography from Kitzman Creations was better than we ever imagined. Zach & the rest of the team were great to work with and did well coordinating with the photographer on the day of. (They had never worked together before, yet they worked seamlessly as if it was their millionth wedding together.) The video edit was amazing and beautiful, and it was more than I could have asked for. It perfectly summed up our best day, and I'm so glad I went with Kitzman Creations to help capture our big day!


LeeAnn Alickson

Zach did an amazing job with our group. We had a 10 people total (3 being kids) so he had a challenge for sure. He had great ideas and always asked for our input! Would definitely recommend him to family and friends!! Pictures turned out fabulous!!

Ashley Pistulka

Zach was so easy to work with and had such great idea the whole day. He was fun easy going and very professional the whole day. We are in love with the video from our big day and could not recommend him enough!!


Amanda F

Zach did a great job. He was very kind, and helpful during our crazy wedding day. Anything I asked him to do, he was able to accommodate to. We are grateful that we have such an amazing video to remember our special day!

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